Monday, September 29, 2008

Good News / Bad News? Its a bit of both.

So as you all know the American economy is supposidly crashing. While i'm sure that is true, I've been there for years so I don't feel too worried about whats coming next.

So this article gave me some mixed feelings. I'm feeling Angry, Sad and of course Extremely frustrated at what seems to be the undercurrents of everything we had falling away. No doubt its going to be interesting what happens to us all after / when / if this all pans out. No doubt however that a revolution of ideals is coming to time. From my very little skilled platform of economics, isn't this all how the economic market is supposed to work? The biggest and sloppiest of companies gets sloppy and bloated and falls apart. While smarter and sometimes smarter littler companies have the chance to flurish and take up the slack.

I'm not so sure however that this is the end of the world as we know it. If it is, well just my as well get it over with. My opinion is that we are ready for another growth spurt in how we evolve as a nation and as a world.

comments are welcome and so are informed opinions. These are my views on it and I'm not easily swayed by opinion so I'm still not and won't vote McCain. LOL.

that may be another post one of these days.

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