Monday, February 23, 2009

Yanno.. I dont know why..

Why do we keep these up. Blogs and such. How many of us actually pour content into them that is so life altering that we need to keep this up? Is it that we have something so deep or profound to say, or is it just that we want to hear our voices going on forever in the electronic frontier that is the intarweb.

How much data do we all compose of when we blog these things or even surf in the annals of Electronic data. I along with a few of my co-horts I know have consumed a VAST quantity of data. Not only read, but to voiciferate ( oh my ) into the nether of wherever our data stream takes us. I'm now immortal in the frontier of the web :P hahaha;D, but what does that do us?

does anybody else ever wonder this? Does anybody really think about how much data we consume? Talkin with my dad tonight was a very interesting example of how much data we not only consume, but that we can retain some of it by osmosis.

Most of all I talked about I learned at Burning Man one dry & cold night, In a planetarium in the middle of the desert.

LOL.. sometimes I have to laugh at the irony of it.....