Friday, October 17, 2008

And we are back.. Live on the Tubes.

Yes.. I'm giving this one the So called "Colbert Bump".

A real national treasure?
Last night (October 16) on “The Colbert Report,” the museum’s director, Brent D. Glass agreed on air that Stephen Colbert is indeed a national treasure.

This is from the blog of: The National Museum of American History

OK.. Shew.. Mouthful there; )

Uhm.. Past that I find Hulu to be a good site to watch TV lately. I've managed to pretty much Kick the cable TV habit for the most part. Haven't had cable tv for almost 2 years now. It feels good to unplug like that, but I do get the ire of other folks in the household. Meh, its been good for all of us and has saved us a LOT of money. 4 new shows that I watch now:

Fringe, Sanctuary, My Own Worst Enemy ( Thanks Mizzle!! ) and Season 3 of Heroes. When I take the time to do so I've got Eureka, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I've got enough TV to keep me occupied :)

Past that, i'm outta here for now.