Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And From Left Field!!! Quite Literally!! :)

Oh yeah, old school track time for those of you who are NOT at work today. Enjoy this little nugget from Renegade Soundwave & Leftfield.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Music of the night.

so I'm gonna start linking a bunch of Music that is in my head for the night. I hope you all can enjoy it as well:)

First up.

Crystal Method, High Roller. I have the CD Vegas and its always a good one to go back to listening to for old school memories:)

Next one up is Dust Brothers. You know this one, I know you all do:) Every time I hear this song I can imagine wild parties over at Brother Mattbear's house :).

Mmm.. Juno reactor. Nuff Said..

ANOTHER Juno Reactor Track. I could put this one on for hours and just listen to it over.. and over...and over.... and.........

2 more to go from here I think :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Y@Y!! Happy post.

Let's start out the night with this one :) Interesting article I thought. I believe its been the best bit of speculation I've read in a long time.

It's All Decked Out. Give It Somewhere to Go.
By Michael Benson
Sunday, July 13, 2008; Page B03

Anyway I was going to blog on this one, but thankfully I'm distracted. Just give it a read and throw your thoughts or comments in the Comments. I'll do my best to respond to them. :)




Oh ho ho ho... They are gonna hafta glue you back together. In HELL!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Common Sense Isn't...

Ok, so I'm gonna dive right into this one cause I am pretty sure you will all want to take a shower after this article.

Court: Wisconsin law bans sex with dead bodies
The ruling comes after 3 men were accused of trying to dig up body for sex

HOLY Shit. Really folks, do we actually have to go as far as a dead person can't give consent? I mean, WOW are you that far gone that you have to stop and think. Gee would "insert dead persons name here" really give me consent to ravage them one last time on this mortal realm?

For Fucks Sake!! YOU Mr. or Mrs. Sicko have lost it and 10 years in prison isn't what you need. You have just won an all paid trip to the Psych Ward for the rest of your natural life because obviously you have just lost all concept of common sense. Now the parents of these individuals should be tossed in the county pen for a month or so just out of principle cause if you failed to see this coming up with your kid, then you have NOT been paying attention and this is the lightest sentence that might beat some of this common sense stuff into you.

Ugh.. just Ugh...

Ok.. now to jump off of that rant, here is something hopefully to take your mind off of things;)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lets take a step back here folks...

Let me open up tonight's rant with this article.

Viacom vs. YouTube: Beyond Privacy
As Viacom is granted access to YouTube user records, a bigger threat to user-generated sites emerges: The law is increasingly siding with rights owners
by Catherine Holahan

OK.. I'll give you a bit to read this one. Seriously.. Take a look at this article and if you can. Let me know your interpretation of what this person is saying.


Times up. Lets take a look at the first paragraph, last Sentence. So to me this indicates that Viacom may sue end users for "...and sue people who watch copyrighted video clips on the site. "

Wow.. I don't exactly know where the reporter got this information without seeing the actual suit itself. In the article on the 2nd page it talks about setting a precedent courtesy of the EU. It also says that, "I also can say with complete certainty that we will not use any of the data provided to pursue individual end users."

Now I'm not sure that I really wanted to know the fact that Viacom has considered this enough to make a statement against it.

1st. Why the hell is google/youtube keeping my IP Address and my email alias, and why are they keeping them together?

2nd. Why the fuck does Viacom need this information together as it is?

Does anybody know if it is possible to sue both of these corporations at the same time just for general principle? Call me old fashioned, but Get the Fuck out of my life here people! I purposely don't have Comcast cable, I hate to admit it, but I do watch Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert, albeit on another video sharing site.

I don't want to live in a nanny state like Great Britain. If I really wanted the Queen to watch over me and have every move I make recorded I would have moved over there. If its because of what happened 7 years ago, shrug it off and rebuild. While it was an extreme dick move of the Terrorists to do, I think we need to pay some attention to what the fuck is going on in this country. Oh.. and on top of that. How many lawsuits lately does the EU have against US Companies? Wake the hell up folks. This bullshit is getting expensive. I for one can't afford it anymore and I don't want to pay for this type of crap just cause companies or greater think they have to have more money. They are the ones who print this shit up for me!! WTF....

If its about the World Bank trying to bankrupt us. Ok.. You've won. Either give us a hand back up or get the fuck out of the way.

Anyway.. Here is the pre Fireworks extravaganda!! :)

Have a happy and sane one folks!! :) If you blow shit up, make sure it isn't copyrighted and if it is, don't upload it to YouTube for now. If it's all yours, lets see it!!