Monday, June 30, 2008

Science Thoughts for the day.

So trying to keep up with Brother Mattbear, I'll try to post a little bit more frequently and throw out a thought that has gotten me for the day.

Today we start out by Jeff opening up with thoughts about the LHC in Europe and the impending world doom that will accompany it.

Wow, Ok totally off topic. While I was trying to find my article for you all for the LHC, I ran across this at CNN.

Where to store wind-powered energy? Under water!

So this spun me off to thinking. Why don't we do this with the CO2 that we are all so dreadfully worried about? Some scientist say that if you pump CO2 down to the bottom of the ocean, the pressure and low temperature will turn this to a liquid. So, how bout we scrub as much as we can out of the air, from factories, from a collection unit in a vehicle. Have CO2 centers where you pay a carbon tax that has been brought up by politicians where people/companies/governments can recycle their carbon waste. Pump it down into collection chambers in the ocean so we don't crap all over that as well. Well, more than we have already done. North Pacific Gyre anyone?

Anyway. I'll have to find my article about the LHC at a later time cause Blade 3 is calling me to watch... or at least have on in the background.

Music of the night:

Chopin Prelude in D-flat major op.28-15

Or if you need something a bit faster:)

Thank you PABLO!!

LP out!!

Oh.. Here is the fast one;)

Fairly safe for work:) Unless you work at the vatican.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Rant.

Why is it that I feel this way? What makes it that we all are still at war?

I think on this some days. Do we really still all have to be at war? We have had 2 World Wars on this planet and from what I see, I see the very beginnings of WWIII. Fighting over oil, Soon to be food, water. I for one don't want to live this way. I'll admit that the current president in the house has made some damn stupid decisions. Think about this for a moment if you will. Using a corporation of the United States as an example. What company in this whole world would keep on a CEO or President with an effectiveness rating of 31% ?

Man.. That's just fucked up. Let me see if I get this correct. A company or individual or individual(s) have an effective rating of 31% positive. If I tell you that that person has a 76% dissatisfied rating does that make that sound better? If it does, can you refer me to who taught you math? Cause that's 76% of people who have an unfavorable view of that person or group. Whoever does that math I want to be my book keeper than. That and the publicity department that can spin that bullshit and make it sound so good.

Ah..but what the fuck do I know. I obviously don't read trends like this for a living. I'm paid to be a human filter of information. bah.. whatever.

Here.. I leave for this moment with something to take our minds off of politics.

-LP out.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

beedee beedee beedee... Hay Buck..

so hello again. I"m glad that you could pull up a log or chair or other implement of sitting. Gather around my campfire and I can try to tell you some stories. Stories of when things made sense and the world seemed like a warm friendly place. One where you could have some privacy. But nowadays not so much it feels.

As long as we all have things hangin out, I'll throw at you a few tidbits of the way I see it. Hang out.. chill out. Shoot the Shit. I'll post some stuff.. since its my blog and I invite Friendly Discourse and "Constructive" Criticism.

So, I'll be back with more stuff.

** Thinking song of the night**